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tv   The Last Word  MSNBC  February 14, 2013 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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through this everybody that administration that we should draft, they were the ones that were telling us thing that is were not true to get us to start a war. it was not that long cag, this is our first preview clip that is going to premier on monday on how that deception went down and whether we have learned from it and whether we might be susceptible again if anybody try to do that to us again. watch. >> atta, leader of al qaeda's 911 high jackings. from prague comes a report showing him meeting with a high ranking intelligence officer.
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slight guy barely 5'5" and 56 skinny. the guy in the photograph was mul lar and thick and had a neck the size of two of my necks. that is not him but send it to the lab anywhere. >> in the final analysis -- >> without definitive evidence the public goes ahead with it. >> he did meet with the integ gens service last april. >> i was sitting in my den, in my home and i remember looking at the tv screen saying what did i just hear? and i first time in my life i actually threw something at the television because i couldn't believe what i had just heard. >> over and over again the vice president for years would say we had a report of this meeting. it is true. there was a report.
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and nobody believed it. that is what they didn't add. >> that is from hubrice. on monday night here i will be hosting the new documentary on what happened when our government lied us into war and how they got away with it and whether we understand it well enough the next time somebody tries it again. we understand that this is likely to cause political upset when we air it. but sometimes you have to do that anyway. after all, it is for a good cause. now it is time for the last word with lawrence o'donnelo'donnell. >> today republican s blocked a vote just because they can. >> sit shocking. not a lot of love. >> it is unprecedented.
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>> filibuster of chuck haegle's nomination. >> he is willing to fight until the end. >> i'm going to keep hitting you. >> it is unprecedented. >> the blame game just doesn't work. democrats must begin to do their work. democrats have been willing to more than meet the gop half way. the house has done its work. we don't control the agenda. the blame game doesn't work outside of the capital. senate democrats of the united
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states senate. the united states senate. >> the only certainty is more dysfunction and gridlock. >> it is valentine's day. >> love is not in the air. >> i can't imagine a more romantic way to spend valentine's day. >> with all of the love lost is it time for a break up? >> president obama's nominee for defense secretary has the 51 vo votes but today he actually needed 60. that would allow the vote on his nomination to actually take place. he came up two votes short of what he needed. today he will eventually have those votes that is for sure. we can get this issue revolved on the day that we can return for recess.
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certainly i believe there are vo votes. >> when we get back i vote for closure and move onto nomination. >> that is raight. they will vote eventually, but today they just didn't feel like it. they voted to block the nomination. it failed 40-58 with one senator voting present and one not voting. 54 tomorrows voted ip favor. no cabinet member has ever been filibustered. only two cabinet members in history have been filibustered and both were eventually easily confirmed. today halfy read knew he did not have the votes to clear the hurdle but scheduled the vote
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anyway to demonstrate this. >> republicans have made an unfortunate choice. there is nothing going to change in the next ten days about chuck haegle. being able to run for senate. you need to have a resume that says maybe that keeps a tea party guy from running against you. the notion that we could see an unprecedented filibuster, there is nothing in the constitution that says that somebody should get 60 votes. there are only a handful of instances that says, what seems
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to be happening and this has been growing over time is that the republican minority in the senate seems to think that the rule now is that you have to have 60 votes for everything and that is not the rule. the rule is that you are supposed to have a majority of the 100 senators vote on those bills. it has been used selectively for a handful of issues to extend debate but we don't have a 60 vote rule. that has become common practice. >> it seem to me that nothing proves better how ridiculous this is than what they said that on another day we'll vote the other way. >> john mccain by the way broke his own rule of not using the filibuster.
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he said in the past he has pbro that rule. he is worried about his re-election in 2014. they said they are going to vote for closure. what do they think they are going to find in ten days? do they want to use it for ten more days of argument about benghazi something over which chuck haegle had nothing to do with. >> it sounds like for mccain and gram they want to drag it out. >> one of the most important things for people to understand about the way the senate works and the way that the filibuster works, one way to look at the senate, is a finite amount of legislating hours.
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every hour you can burn, that is a win. it is a finite budget. when you can spend that time, and it eats up a lot of time, you are shrinking the amount of time. so, one of the huge effects of the constant filibustering is more chewing up the clock making it impossible to use every hour of that time. this is the perfect example. what they have gained themselves are hours that no one is getting back in the 113th congress because time only moved forward. that is the truth. >> i once figured out how many days we had in a given year and i realized we are not going to get the time.
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it is hard to explain how that time gets eaten up and disappears. this is not a john kerry case. he struggled. >> i think it has to do with their own political interests and graham is the perfect example of it. >> that is how he ran his re-election campaign. so yeah, maybe he would have picked up a couple of votes here and there. this is about a republican party that is broken. maybe they don't want to talk about things like immigration
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reform. it is hard to believe that someone like john mccain would do it >> when we just had this. to watch harry reid complain about it is much. he had a chance to do something and he bailed. he had an agreement with mitch mcconnell. he have this 60 vote rule. >> reforming the filibuster in a way that the rules we're saying this is the ten dansy there is nothing to interrupt this ten dansy right now. it is hard for me to be sympathetic to harry reid when he says oh my god look at these people abusing it when you had a chance to do something about it and he didn't.
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>> and they replaced him with a crazier senator ted cruz. but the right way for john mccain to have expressed his outrage would have been with a different vote today. rather than supporting the crazy cruz side of this argument. this guy claims to be a friend of chuck haegle. he is allowing this undignified process to go forward and participating in it. it is ugly and bad for his long-term image. >> running the pentagon is a hard job. it is one of the largest
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workforces in the world. there are strong centers of p power in that building. none of that has been litigated at all. i know they talked to al jazeera once. do i care if he is running the pentagon, as far as i can tell no one has done much in congress to sort that out. >>. >> that is not the person who takes the orders from the white house or decides what our relationship is with a foreign country. that is what they made the hearing about. even their fixation about benghazi is located in state.
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that has nothing to do with this job either. i totally agree. i liked the fact that he was an enlisted man and i fought in vietnam. it hasn't been about him at all. >> thank you both for joining me tonight. >> i will be joined ip rebuttal by someone who is on the nra's enemy's list. in the rewrite tonight. if there was no such thing as democrats. if republicans ruled the world would theyer are raise taxes? >> well there is a place where democrats don't exist and republicans today voted to raise taxes big time and that is in taxes big time and that is in tonight's rewrite. hello?
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the words are going this way-there's no way. taxes big time and that is in tonight's rewrite. oh, the lights came on.
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the only thing that has changed is that hillary and i are a little older, wiser and perhaps less patient particularly with dysfunction and less teller raoller rant of general and it is probably a good thing that we have a chance to guess is dam rest. >> according to a report today hillary is running for president. that is coming up.
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john boehner has finally figured out how to lead the house of representatives put all of the governing on the president. >> if he is serious of enacting his agenda it starts with the
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united states senate. >> that includes the sequester that begins two weeks from today. >> we are going to suggest that he enact a plan to replace the s sequest sequester. if they are willing to pass a bill we will find a way to work with them. >> he told the associate press that he is not interested in a bargain to avert the quesequest. remember, we are going to be stuck with it. frankly, every time i've got ten into one of these negotiations, it is my rear end that got burnt. not as sensitive about their rear ends announce their plan to
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avert the drastic cuts. 27.5 billion cut from agriculture subsidies. the other half would come from eliminating tax subsidies. the new version would come from paying at least 30% federal income tax rates. >> would you rather see the sequester kick in than accept the deal that would include tax revenue. >> when the senate passes a plan we will be happy to take a look at it. >> we actually think would pass you know, we think that our
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republican colleagues are afraid of bringing that bill p up for a vote. >> do you want to lose 750,000 jobs or ask the big oil companies to get rid of their taxpayor subsidies. >> president obama went to georgia today to spend quality time with pre-schoolers. but in georgia it sounded like he had john boehner on his mind. >> they are taught shapes and patterns and play well with others. and that play well with others is a trait we could use more in washington. maybe we need to bring the teachers up. you know. every once in a while have some
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quiet time. timeout. >> richard wolf. so john boehner now says he invented the whole thing. at the time i believe he said i got 98% of what i want. it is at most 2% the president's sequester. maybe he has a short-term memory loss. as i recall, you recall the specifics of the 98%. there was the whole debt ceiling crisis and that is how we ended up with the sequester. it wasn't the president's idea to play with the default. i thought he out smarted those guys at the time. he is trying to admit that after
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he said he got 98% of what he got. he wants to blame the president for the problem that he created. you showed a tape that i thought was important of him saying it is all in the dems all in the senate. opposition does not always equal doing nothing. he has figured out how you can sound reasonable. >> if the senate passes something we will take a look at it. instead he was saying no, no, no right at the start. when he didn't have to because
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the senate was going to pass most of what we were talking about. >> that is why he is actually an accomplished politician. that is how you get to be house speaker of this crazy mess. it is the only practical way that anything will happen. if you have to go to a focus group where cutting spe inting more important than creating jobs, you would rather do nothing than trying to go in with what is the official house position. >> what he is saying has always been the dynamics that exist between the two parties. if they believe that the senate could do nothing they wouldn't put the house through a vote.
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they would say well we'll see what the house could do. so, he's actually retreating. >> breaking news here on msnbc, good evening. we've got breaking news tonight off the coast of alabama. mobile, alabama is the scene of the big party tonight. the carn i val cruise line is approaching the coast line. the ship has been stranded since sunday. they are now moments away from reaching the shore it is estimated it will take the crew four to five hours to get all of the guests off of the ship. warm food, blankets, cell phones await the weary passengers when they arrive. the carnic aval ship is the lart
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ever to attempt to dock at the alabama port. earlier today a towing cable broke delaying the ship's return emergency generators onboard the sh ship. half of the sewerage system are inoperative. and the shortness of food has been an issue as well. those onboard have waited in lines for hours. carnival says it has decided against sending another ship to pick up passengers at sea. the coast guard and the
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transportation safety bureau will launch an investigation into the cause of the fire and system facture. the ship has been at sea for four days. carnival ptriumph has been at sa for four days. >> it is going to be going on for hours. i want to comment for something that you have said. they are going to start coming off in time. there is a lot of emotion here. you have family members and
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people here waving up onto the ship. you have passengers here, very, very glad to be here. you can imagine how nice it must be to see land. they are at the alabama cruise terminal. they are here at the dock. there is a entry way behind me. they are talking about four to five hours to get everyone off the ship. there is only one varietor on t ship. they are going to have to be dealing with lights up there. they are going to have to move around in the dark. they can get in the cars that their loves ones may have driven here or get on a bus to galveston where they left their
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cars and left for this trip or go to new orleans where 1500 hotel rooms have been set aside. so there are a lot of things going on. tomorrow the ship itself will be moved from the dock to a ship yard where the assessment will begin as to what went wrong and needs to be repaired. that will be handled by the bahamian authorities. so, lots going on. but this was a big deal and they came in here blowing the horns and then the bow emerged behind us there and it was a big scene and a big cheer went up from the ship. a lot of people happy about this moment. >> it has to be frustrating for
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the people onboard waiting so many hours to get off. it is limited power. there is only one elevator working. i don't remember waiting four hours to get off. this ship is operating on limited power. >> there is a big cheer going up now from the ship itself. people are lining the rails i don't know what sparked that. they are happy to be here. that just happened. >> are you going to have access to the passengers? how is this being handled? >> we don't have much access. they are going into a building
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which we cannot get to. they will get on buses or to new orleans and we suspect that when those who choose to come out here on the streets, that is going to be hours from now before we hear from the actual passengers and what a story they have to tell us. and if i may speculate i would think that not everybody on that ship is a happy camper. there might be people that say things that might not be very good. >> i would think that the happy campers are greatly outnumbered tonight. we are going to hear a lot of complaining and hear people talking about the crew talking kindly about the crew members themselves worked hard to help
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them. we have heard that the crew members did a good job in a tough situation. >> you know what, the cruise ship that we were on there was a strong emphasis on safety. the ship was run by professionals and the ship was handled by people who were highly trained. they make you go through safety drills to get awareness of the passengers so they know what to do. mark, do we know anything about medical emergencies that have been onboard. >> they had a child who suffered from asthma as a woman who had a stroke who had to be medivaced. but those are the serious medical instances that we heard of. there was a rumor about a death.
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that is not true. we have nothing that confirms that. there has been no confirmation of that. the worst appears to be the woman who was medivaced. some people got sick from the food and from the stench so there are those kinds of illnesses. but there were those cases that i mentioned. >> people are uncomfortable of course. and really eager to get off of there and get on their journey as i said before, the ill-fated trip. >> i would be curious to know the availability of fresh water on the ship. >> an emotional moment on the ship. >> in mobile, alabama.
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they have only one elevator. for a straight report we are joined now by joaney baker a passenger aboard >> how are you feeling right now? >> i'm excited i'm in the middle of departation i'm excited to get off this boat. >> what will you remember from this journey. >> i will remember that leadership needs to be organized and sanitation should be top priority in any eemergency and you need a contingency plan with a large number of people. i was cheerful at times, i've never had to fear for my life and that first night the boat was tilt ed so we were close to the water.
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i was really scared. my roommates and i slept with our lifevests. when you are face wednesday thatha face wednesday th faced with that. you become fearful. >> that was the first night you were tossed by the violent seas and that had to be frightening. >> we did not know anything at all. there had been an explosion. they kept telling us that it was too hot. >> they were able to get in and assess the situation. many of us feel that perhaps they couldn't get in because maybe the fire was still burning and they were waiting. but we feel like we could have
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gotten information from carnival. give people information prevent anxiety and rumors and calm the masses. that is how i feel. >> it is probably hard to get the correct information without rumors to 4,000 people on a ship of 900 feet. where are you what are you looking at? >> right now i'm in the lobby where the help desk is and they have the door open. they haven't let us start exiting yet. you can hear the background noise. it truly has been a very trying rough, rough time. you couldn't walk down the hall without smelling sewer in rooms and hallways and people falling.
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i'm from south of houston texas and it remained me of the dome during katrina. people made tent cities because they couldn't be in their rooms because there was so much water. they slept on the deck for five days. >> is we are showing a picture of the sleeping conditions out on the deck. is that where you slept. >> we did not get water in our room we were among the few. what happened to us we had no light and toilet. we had a bag to take care of that business. the people on the first and second level the children, the children out there was the worst part. >> yeah, you know managing all of this, social engineering.
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did anybody lose their temper? how do you describe the demeanor of the ship? the crew was fantastic. they did everything that they could. last night, people's tempers started flying. we were watching a movie. she refused to leave and they put her in the brig for the night. it could have been much, much worse. the folks were pretty much at their breaking point when the ship pulled into the dock. joining us by phone is one of her fellow passengers.
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jamie ed schultz good to have you with us tonight. i mean absolutely. this has been memorable to say the least. what is the first thing you are going to do when you get off the ship. >> i don't know. we have beeen talking about wha kind of food you want. >> we have family members meeting us. i might kiss the ground. jamie lamb with us a passenger on the ship. >> it had to offer up a wide range of emotions for you tell
7:40 pm
us about that. >> i mean, anytime you put ten girls together it is already anxious and things like that. and we have all had our breaking points. oddly enough they have happened at different times i had mine two days ago. this morning when one of our girls talked to her husband she broke down. we have had our breaking points it has been good that we have been together. we calm each other's nerve. >> what was the worst part of the ordeal? >> i mean, there is a lot of stuff going on in houston that i'm supposed to be covering for the all-star game. going to the bathroom in plastic bags and then handing it to another human being to throw it
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away it is not normal. you can't imagine there are people on here celebrating their honey moons and it has been a scene. >> do you feel like the people on the ship have come together and helped each other out? >> i have been creating an interview series the whole time. female have been focusing on the sit wag it is true but my faith in humanity has been restored. i have seen people take food to others. i have a man who has a daughter with cerebral palsy in a wheelchair. and people are helping him. and coming together for complete
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strangers that we will probably never see again. it has been nice to see people connect and help each other out. >> your friend jany baker told us about the first night at sea when things were violent as far as the waves were concerned. describe that first night on the ship with no power on the high seas. describe your experience going through that. that was the night we got back from cozumel. but it was scary to hear that come across and we woke up to smelling smoke. um and it is frightening and you don't know what to do. trying to prepare you for getting on the boat. i wasn't paying attention.
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i learned a lesson there. it has been a try iing experien for everyone. >> there were a lot of rumors that wasn't substantiated? >> it felt like high school. like the game telephone. >> i've heard 27 people have died and the rumors have been out-of-control. and i think it is making people panic more than they need to. >> emotions of the people. did you see anybody loose it? i never thought ca bin fever was a real thing. there have been you know and there are kids on here that are traveling with their friends and families. i have talked to a 9-year-old from houston and he has been
7:44 pm
drawing on a sheet i miss you mom and i love you mom. he is here with somebody else's family. you have seen kids crying and adults missing their children and not being able to call into work. everybody has a different situation. i'm missing this work or i didn't get to do this. everyone has a trip experience and it has been interesting to say the least. i would imagine you can let your hair down. i don't know if i should be letting my hair down. >> has anybody in your group your bachelor ret party, you are going to have a heck of a wetting tape. he have said we are going to wrap her wedding gift in red
7:45 pm
plastic bags. >> you have been great stay with us. i want to go back to jany backer, cback baker, can you relate to what she was saying there? >> even though the conditions were horrible sanitation people all kinds of things that i have never seen in my life there were a lot of good things like she said. there was a lady in a wheelchair on the third or 4th deck and sat there all day and we would bring her food. our little cabin steward brought us chocolate every night and that always helps. >> have they told you how you are going to get off the boat? has the ship docked? it seems to be very close. has it docked at the port?
7:46 pm
i believe it has. those of us who are getting off the ship early are down in the lobby waiting for them to let us go. and then they will go floor by floor. >> we are told that the ceo of carnival is going onboard to apologize to the guests. >> oh. >> what is your reaction to that? >> well, i do appreciate the apology, i heard that he was at a sprting event this week. last night it was freezing in the boat. i just feel like it could have been managed better. it had to be towed in once and i heard they have cancelled the next 12 sailings.
7:47 pm
we shouldn't been in this position. >> did you hear anybody on the ship talk about legal recourse? >> oh yes. >> tell us about that. >> people have lost wages. people have lost wages. they are upset it was like a third world country on this boat you know. and so people are highly upset. a lot of people are offended that they were offered a free cruise. they were offended they offered us $500. i know me, i'm a teacher, we don't make that much, but i will lose $1,000 that i didn't have. people are unhappy. very, very unhappen yixt and you know one night they allowed free alcohol when we had no electricity. no, you know toilets, you know we had little food, you know and
7:48 pm
they allowed free alcohol to me that was a dangerous mix. >> how did the people respond to that? >> well, that went on for two hours and then the power went out, so then after the power went out, they said we aren't having free alcohol after that it was louder. not that i observed anything out-of-control but had they extended that, it could have been dangerous. >> it was part of a bachelor ret party group. thank you for joining us. >> are you with us? >> we haven't connected with
7:49 pm
her. >> let's go back to jany baker. >> i know care row lynn and she is still in her state room. service is in and ow. i do have another friend that would like to speak. her name is cindy and she fell on this boat. >> cindy mccage. >> okay. >> hello cindy? >> hold on one second. >> hello this is cindy. >> ed schultz thank you for joining us tonight. >> thank you. >> well, i'm anxious to get off the ship. >> did you have a fall? >> i did the first day. i did fall. and i hurt the left thigh and i bumped my elbow.
7:50 pm
it is swollen and red and scratched badly and i tried to get assistance and they said that the nurse was down fighting the fire. and several times my friend asked for some bandage for it and we were offered a neosporin packet and a band-aid. >> sure. >> i could have taken care of that myself. >> what happened to you. >> we were walking down the stairs to the -- the ship had lifted and we were going down the stairs and it was darker and i was stepping down and my foot
7:51 pm
caught on the edge of the steps i'm okay i'm bruised. anyway i'm fine i'll be okay. >> what are they telling you when you are getting off the ship? >> very anxious. it is getting rowdy here. >> they are talking loudly. anxious to get off the ship. >> are people mad at what happened. >> i think so. i'm mad. i'm mad about it. one thing i'm mad about is that they would dare to get on the intercom one night and make it a big deal to be
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okay. what was the best thing about this. there that was positive that you could take away from this. the meeting of people seeing people come together and share let's work this out. didn't see a lot of aggression
7:58 pm
on the ship. people working together was awesome. it seemed to be the leadership was being reactive as opposed to being proactive. >> you are saying this is going to be your last cruise. how would carnival make it right with you. we were told that the ceo was going to be onboard what is going to make it right for you? >> i don't know. it is too hard to think right now. you want to sleep. we are leaving today and our room, on floor six on the even side and we are on the odd side when the boat would tilt that way there was water collecting in the rooms my room today the floor was flooded. it was magic that the restrooms
7:59 pm
worked. where was the water coming from? >> i don't know. like it is coming from the bottom, the drains in the bathroom floor. i have pictures of that today and it kept seeping -- it probably covered my cabin room by now. i'm very, probably very, unfortunate people in here he were able to share that with other people that were trapped. they slept in the visitors and we were able to open our door and let fresh air into there. a lot of people that way and actually wash our clothes in the
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